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We intend events hosted by Locally Sourced to be a safe space for everyone to enjoy music and express themselves freely. 


Locally Sourced will not tolerate arsehole-ery* in any form - be it harassment, intolerance, or aggression. We pride ourselves in getting to know our partygoers, and do not expect to see this at any event we host.


"Arsehole-ery" includes and is not limited to the following;

  • Harassment, including unwanted attention and contact

  • Discrimination 

  • Acts of aggression

  • Racism

  • Homophobia 

  • Transphobia

  • Misogyny 

  • Ageism

  • Ableism

  • Religious bigotry


We will remove, and potentially permanently exclude for all Locally Sourced hosted events, any individuals seen to be engaging in any forms of the above. We understand that people make mistakes, and we believe people do change for the better. Any individuals that were removed would need to show Locally Sourced that they have made sufficient reparations to any victim(s) before being considered to attend a Locally Sourced hosted event again.


Locally Sourced staff will support individuals that seek support by any of the following means;

  • Ensuring you are accompanied by a member of staff until you inform us you are happy to be alone, or you are on a journey home

  • Helping you find a space you feel more comfortable 

  • Discussing issues with perpetrators

  • Facilitating discussions between victims and perpetrators, if desired

  • Asking door staff to remove perpetrators

  • Recording details of individuals that have been removed from Locally Sourced hosted events, where possible 

  • Supporting police investigations, should that be required

However, if you do experience any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable, please speak out. By notifying our staff immediately we can support* you and keep the party going safely. You can spot our staff by their (incredibly cool) pink armbands.


By attending a Locally Sourced event we assume you consent to our photographers and videographers capturing and publishing your image; discretion will of course be applied (because we also have jobs!). Consent can be removed at any point in time by email or DM through socials.



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