Next mix to feature as part of the LSM series, comes from Bristol based talent @bungzodj. Bringing us a pumping mix, full of savage breaks, bouncy bass-lines, familiar vocal hooks, footwork grooves & all round cracking party vibes. We're honoured to put out a mix from such an amazing DJ, huge thanks to @bungzodj for getting involved! Please like / follow / share their content and keep the LSM party train moving!

Deliverer of deliciously deviant beats and blood-pumping bass.
As a non-binary and queer dj, bungzo seeks to create safe, accessible spaces for folks to express themselves and be free. Bungzo is a versatile dj with their music spanning genres such as World, Global bass, Footwork, Jungle, D&B and Jungletek. During their sets and in their mixes Bungzo reaches inwards and brings out their deep pleasure and joy in dancing to music, sharing in delight and exhilaration with audiences.
Bungzo began their musical journey as a dj with the intervention workshops and mix nights, a course run by saffron records. Since then, they have had a lot of success playing with the female & non-binary dj crew, Booty Bass, at the biggest clubs in Bristol, as well as festivals like Glastonbury and a monthly radio show on

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